Saturday, September 19, 2009


Der are so many kinds of people on dis earth.. some are nice, some are not… da thing dat will be shared in my blog dis tyme is about the type of people who dun get da appreciation… when we talk about da issue of appreciation, it seems very subjective which we could not easily construe how da appreciaton is being shown.. either it is shown through action or only by words… den, it seems very subjective… sumtimes, when we are doing something, eventho we haf da maximum level of sincerity, somehow, we still seek for an appreciation.. I dunno how to say but juz let me say that, there must be give and take… but its rarely to find dis.. what always be carried out by certain of us, only take, without having any intention to repay or da element of “give”… yes, we cannot expect people will do exactly like what we have done towards them, but 2 me, it is some kind of a common sense.. we will repay the nice things done by others towards us.. but sometimes, certain people juz could not get it… I dunno its either they really dun get it or are they purposely abstaining themselves from repaying da nice things performed towards them… ermmmm… there is dis kind of people… den, nuthin can be done if we were to face this kind of people..

Again, it’s necessary to stress out that how sincere we are pon, we still hope for an appreciation.. eventho der might not be dis kind of people out there or I dunno whether its only me to have dis kind of feeling… I dunno… but speaking on my side, eventho im doing something sincerely,im still hoping for at least a little-little appreciation… but I guess since I dun really show wut kind of appreciation dat im hoping for, den da people around me juz cant get it whereas, its better to leave certain things unspoken.. but wut can we do? We dun haf any power to make the people doing definitely like what we are expecting for…

But still I think, we cannot blame anybody in dis matter for there are people outside there who really dun get it either they purposely make themselves ignorance of this matter or that’s the nature of them to do not have the feeling of appreciating others… but, on our part, wut we haf to do is….. TREAT OTHERS LIKE WE WISH TO BE TREATED….

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