Saturday, June 12, 2010

think BEFORE saying....

sometimes people cant juz put their shoes in others' shoes.... wuteva being utterred neva be thought before being said.... do we ever think that what we are gonna say might make others to feel humiliated or feel offended by what we are saying... the reason being is because of what is faced by others is the thing that they do not wish for... for instance, any flaws that we could obviously see on the people... if the thing involves the people's weakness and being talked in front of others comprise of a lot of people, surely it will bring humiliation towards the people... eventhough what are being said may be right and may actually be committed by that people if it is a bad attitude for example, but the right way to advise is when there is nobody else, in other words, when only we and the one that is going to be advised at dat particular place so that they will not feel humiliated or offended.... i do read a saying says:

"kalau kita nak tegur seseorang, tegurlah apabile cume kita berdua dengannya, jika ditegur semasa berada dengan orang lain, ia adalah lebih kepada menghina seseorang itu."

so, dats what im going to convey.... therefore, as an advice for myself also, do think before we say anything or else we would make others feel offended... just because of we got da look n other good things that may not be possessed by everyone, it is not da reason why we could simply say anything without thinking first... hence, WE HAVE TO THINK BEFORE SAYING ANYTHING....

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